Mountainbike South Tyrol, holiday in Italy

Fam. Klotzner in Rablà, South Tyrol - Italy.    Tel. (+39) 0473 967 400   

Cycling & Biking in South Tyrol

On the go by bike…

Cycling in Rablà / Parcines… an adventure for old and young! With the free bike rental you can easily and comfortably rent trekking bikes, mountain bikes or road bikes for the whole family. The bicycles can be reservated via Ötzibike.

And now it's time to hit the road! Here are some cycling tour tips for the whole family:


  • Family tour to the Venosta Valley: At Rablà train station you take the Venosta train and go to the final station Malles. From here you can cycle back 60 km. And if your kids get tired, you can simply take the next train and return to the hotel.

  • In a southerly direction you can cycle to Bolzano and on to Lake Garda. Also here you have the possibility of taking the train back.

  • In spring it is a great pleasure to cycle through blooming orchards. The flowers have a wonderful scent and the meadows shimmer in a pink-white colour.

  • The cycling path in the Passiria Valley is also recommendable. You can either drive to Spa town Merano by car and cycle to the Passiria Valley and back or you can cycle the entire way from Rablà.


Mountain-bike Tours

  • The absolute “classic” amongst the mountain-bike Transalp stages in the surroundings of Merano is the tour to the Naturno Pasture. 16 km of ascending cycling routes (total route of 40 km) await you. After a difference in altitude of 1500 metres you enjoy a wonderful round view of the Tessa Group Nature Park, the Ötztal Alps, the Dolomites, and the Ortles Mountain Group.

  • Other highlights for ambitious mountain-bikers is the crossing of the Tessa Group Nature Park via Gelato Pass (2875 m) or conquering the highest Transalp crossing at Madriccio Pass (3146 m) amidst the Stelvio Pass Nature Park.


Road bike Tours


  • On the road bike you cycle along the Venosta cycling path past vineyards and orchards and picturesque villages.

  • A true challenge for all road bike cyclists is the 2757 m high Stelvio Pass. The renowned “Kultjoch” pass with 48 turns awaits you from June to October.

  • Those who love to cycle over mountain passes will enjoy a tour over Rombo Pass to the Ötztal Valley in Tyrol, and over the Giovo Pass to the town of Vipiteno.