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Hiking in the South Tyrolean Mountains

Time-out in the mountains

Dear Grandma Elfie,
dear Grandpa Hans,

in July I spent two weeks in the Family Hotel Heidi with mommy, dad and my sister Lena. It was great!! The hotel is located in Rablà / Parcines between Merano and the Venosta Valley, hence numerous alpine pastures, irrigation channels – the paths along small streams – and ideal family hiking paths are easy to reach.

  • Once, childminder Heidi took us to a farm: we saw chickens, calves and pigs…uh they really stink!
  • Lena really enjoyed the culture hike with a quiz game for the whole family. We walked past several interesting sights and also visited the home of the inventor of the typewriter.
  • At the Mastaun Hut in the Senales Valley I had fried eggs with bacon from the pan! On the Senales Glacier we also saw snow, but then we didn't really want to go skiing.
  • Wednesday was a really hot day… 33° in the shade! We therefore decided to just hike along the Rablà irrigation channel. Along the way we always splashed water at each other. Daddy built a raft for me from leaves, tree trunks and branches and I let it float on the water. In the afternoon we jumped into the pool of the hotel!
  • As you know mummy has a fear of heights. She therefore did not like the ride with the Texel and Aschbach cable cars. Once we were at the top of the mountain she enjoyed the fresh mountain air and the beautiful panoramic view.
  • Our hosts, the Klotzners’ gave us great excursion tips every day… they really know everything about the surroundings! Daddy and another man hiked along the Merano High Alpine Path. They hiked for 5 hours and only managed to do one stage. The entire tour of the Tessa Mountain Group would take 6 days.
  • The other man also visited the Parcines Waterfall and the highest alpine lake landscape in Europe. Daddy did not join him that day… he preferred to go for a cycle trip with us.
  • Mmmmh… the strawberries in the Martello Valley were really tasty! Really tasty fruits grow here at 1,300 m above sea level. 
  • The Ultimo Valley and the Val di Fosse Valley area especially quiet and unspoiled. And there is no road to Monte San Vigilio Pass. If you live up there you have to take the cable cars up!
  • What I loved most was returning to our accommodation after the excursions. Sometimes mummy gave us a yoghurt from the fridge or made a sandwich. Afterwards we always went to the pool or did something with childminder Heidi.


Now, I am really fit! Maybe we could go for a walk together back home too. However, it would even be better if we could all spend our holidays here together once and experience other adventures… South Tyrol is beautiful!
See you soon,

your grandson Tim