Outdoor pool area, Family-Aparthotel Heidi, Italy

Fam. Klotzner in Rablà, South Tyrol - Italy.    Tel. (+39) 0473 967 400   

Swimming pool

Cooling down during your family holidays in South Tyrol

Old and young feel really good in the element of water. Floating, drifting, feeling light and... splashing water at each other, jumping in and diving...and: staying in the water until your lips turn blue!
Aparthotel Heidi offers a newly renovated bright indoor pool with a play pool next to it and with direct access to the sun lawn. Thanks to the size of the pool you can also swim lengths and improve your fitness. In the nearby waterfall toddlers can put their feet in the water and splash around. The outdoor area offers an outdoor swimming pool with a oasis of calm, where guests can relax on sun-loungers, take a snooze and recover their energy.

Whether you spend the summer day in the park or enjoy a tour in the surroundings of Merano… cooling down in water always feels great! Sweating in the sauna is also highly recommendable…!

Outdoor pools in the surroundings:


  • Naturno Adventure Pool with 75 m long slide, outdoor pool, indoor pool and saunas
  • Parcines Swimming Pool… thanks to solar heating already comfortably warm in spring
  • AquaForum Laces with toddler’s area, 50m slide, Jacuzzi, brine pool and saunas
  • Gargazzone natural bathing pond… Bathing pleasure in chlorine-free water
  • Swimming in the Monticolo Lakes and in the warmest bathing lake in the Alps, Caldaro Lake