Parents at Hotel Heidi, holiday in South Tyrol

Fam. Klotzner in Rablà, South Tyrol - Italy.    Tel. (+39) 0473 967 400   

Parent's time in the Family-Aparthotel Heidi

Now it's time to relax and enjoy

Finally some time for yourself and for each other! During your holidays you can enjoy some time together in the park, during excursions or hikes. However, a holiday should also mean some time for the parents, and children love to experience some exciting hours with our child minder Vivien and other children.

This what holidays in the Family-Aparthotel Heidi near Merano are about:

  • excursions to the organic farm and family hikes
  • time for each other... to play around in the park and in the poo
  • Child care for children from 3 years: Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. with lunch snack and drinks. Our trained child minder Heidi will look after your children, while you can enjoy some time together and leave for a discovery tour through our surroundings or simply relax at our pool, sweat in the saunas or get a tan in the park.


Whatever you choose to do, your children will definitely enjoy their time in the Aparthotel Heidi!