The Fissneider Family of the Hotel Heidi at Parcines, South Tyrol

Fam. Fissneider in Rablà, South Tyrol - Italy.    Tel. (+39) 0473 967 400   

Your hosts in the Aparthotel Heidi

Here, you are at the center of attention

We are pleased that you are interested in our Aparthotel Heidi**** in Rablà / Parcines between Merano and the Venosta Valley - South Tyrol! Following you find an introduction about ourselves and our house.

We, the Fissneider Family, have been operating this Aparthotel for the past 20 years. Meanwhile, it is a personal matter of importance to make our guests happy. We strive to amaze other people and we therefore look forward to our work in the house every day.

A personal touch and the contact to our guests are the most important things: our Morning Mail is therefore not a standard template taken from Word, but every day it is a handwritten unique copy. We always take some time to chat with you at the reception, at the bar or in the park. This is a great way to get to know each other.

Edith is the true soul of the house and together with Andreas is responsible for the reception. Andreas is also responsible for the bar and the barbecue. As a hiking guide he will accompany you to the most beautiful excursion destinations in the surroundings. Laura is the sporty member of the family. Wherever there is action you can also find Laura. Lucas on the other hand is more the quiet and reflective type.

But we all have something in common: the open, honest and hearty way we approach people. We are looking forward to welcoming you!